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Logic - Lightsabers

Logic announced his departure from Def Jam last summer, proclaiming he felt “in control of my career.” His relationship with Def Jam officially ended with Vinyl Days, an album that Logic said he crafted “in 12 days so I could get off Def Jam.” Retirement? What’s that?

In January, Logic had another announcement: College Park, his debut independent album, is due out this Friday, February 24. The Boondocks-themed trailer highlighted Logic’s boundless creativity, and he released “Wake Up” featuring Lucy Rose to continue to paint College Park‘s thematic playground.

Today, February 22, he added “Lightsabers” featuring C Dot Castro to the mix, and it flirts with the same repetitive structure and reflective attitude.

In the “Lightsabers” video, Logic raps atop various fantastical landscapes, including a ginormous lava-spitting volcano. “It’s a good day, good day, good day, good day / Had a lot of bad ones this year / But today’s a good day.”

Elsewhere, Logic states himself and his neighbors are “shinin’ like lightsabers” and touches on reclaiming his career: “I hope you don’t give up your dreams for a nine-to-five / Don’t get me wrong, it’ll pay your bills / But if you don’t love your job, tell me, what’s the point? / Don’t disappoint, better make it a point to do it a better way.”

Watch the “Lightsabers” video above.


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