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Full promotion (Website + Social media)

Website Top Spot (Featured Video)
Instagram Post + Instagram story
Facebook Post + Facebook story

Price: $200

Your music video will be on the Top of our page for 3 days.

Post will be shared on all of our social media platforms (Instagram, Instagram story, Facebook, Facebook story, Twitter)
After the payment is made posting when the Top spot is available
Payment: PayPal, Cash App

Before the payment send us your content to for a review. We will inform you if it is approved.

After your content is approved, we will provide you all the information about payment.

After payment send us this info:

Video Title: Artist Name – Song Title
Video: Youtube link 
Account names: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 
Caption for social media: You can make your own caption (if we decide that it is not suitable, we will fix it) or we will make it for you to get more engagement.

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